October 21st, 2010

Tyler/Caroline is actually happening!

"Now that Stefan's rejected her, she has no ties to the town anymore, so she'll do anything and everything," Dobrev says. "She doesn't care who she kills, even if it's in front of a room of people. There's almost no way to stop her."

Because of Katherine's resemblance to Elena, there's even more danger in her murders -- her homicidal tendencies could easily get pegged on Elena. When Katherine goes after Aunt Jenna, who still doesn't know about the town's vampire infestation, Jenna may see her niece in a whole new way. According to the mag, Jenna will find herself in "mortal danger" in this week's episode, "Plan B."

That likely has something to do with the "family issues" that keep Elena home from the Masquerade ball in the following episode, which leaves room for Katherine to attend. And with her hair straightened, it takes a very trained eye to recognize that she's not Elena.

"Most people in town don't realize that she's not Elena," Dobrev says, "So she's trying hard to impersonate Elena, but she gets so bored with it because she thinks Elena is dull."

The desire to take Katherine down brings Stefan and Damon closer despite the century-old rift. "As psycho as Damon is, Stefan needs him as an ally," says Wesley. And Stefan is stepping up his own game, too. Now that he's accepted his fate as a vampire - and started drinking people blood again - he's got a new attitude. "Stefan can't keep being the drab individual he was in Season 1. He's on the same playing field as Damon now."

Their desire to take down Katherine means that they need more than each other as allies, though. In fact, they're going to be letting some girls into the Boys' Club: Bonnie and Caroline will be joining the brothers, Alaric, and Jeremy to hunt her down.

Most of this isn't new but I bolded the interesting stuff and some new Tyler/Caroline spoilers....

  • There's a new triangle in town - Matt, Caroline, and Tyler. Though Matt will reconnect with Tyler in upcoming episodes, Tyler is also forging a connection with Matt's very recent ex-girlfriend, Caroline. Matt will definitely start to notice that something is sparking between the two.
  • Bonnie is trying to get over her vampire hate to preserve her friendships with Caroline and Elena... but that doesn't mean she doesn't have it out for Stefan, Damon, and Katherine. She's also going to be meeting Lucy, a new witch in town. Finally, some company!
  • Katherine will have a scene alone with both Stefan and Damon at the masquerade -- the first time they've confronted her together since her return. It's going to get spicy -- she literally rips the masks off of their faces.
source via tvd_bamfs