October 29th, 2010

Lydia Flower

Like A Dog With A Bone-1/1

Title: Like A Dog With A Bone
Author: Eena
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Smith owns TVD
Characters: Caroline/Tyler
Spoilers: 2.07 and some of the promo for 2.08
Summary: He knows she knows, and he won’t let up until he finds out why . . .
Notes: I’m on the Caroline/Tyler bandwagon-and mostly due to that promo. I love it when Caroline knocks around the boys, and seriously, this ship would be all kinds of messed up and hot.

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Michael Trevino talk about being a werewolf and about Tyler/Caroline relationship

Even before season 2 began, producers of The Vampire Diaries were talking about Michael Trevino’s beefed up role as a werewolf. So SPOILER-THAT-ISN’T-ACTUALLY-A-SPOILER: Last night, in episode 7, Tyler Lockwood finally (accidentally) killed someone and activated the family curse. (Read our recap.) Shortly after the episode aired on the East Coast (which Trevino watched while flipping back and forth from the World Series), he phoned EW to talk about what’s next for young Mr. Lockwood, which scene he’s yet to shoot that’s making him nervous, and why episode 210 is already one of his favorites.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Watching this episode, I was like, finally! We’ve known it was coming for so long, and now it’s on. Did you have a bit of that reaction to?
Yeah. It’s official now. It’s just a hint of it. It’s at the point where the next few episodes are going to be about preparing for the next full moon that comes. You’re gonna see Tyler do more research, because now he realizes he’s not going to be able to stop himself — it’s just inevitable.

Have you shot that full transformation yet? Are we going to see you shirtless and chained like Mason was?
We have not shot that. I think we might shoot that next week. It’s gotta be soon. I’m not sure how exactly it’s gonna happen, to be honest with you. I would think that he’s gonna go down to those old ruins were Mason was and probably do what he was doing and just lock himself up. And hopefully he doesn’t hurt anybody. He won’t be able to control himself, especially the first time.

Are you doing anything special to prepare for that? Are you bulking up even more?
I’m trying to, yeah. [Laughs] As far as hitting the weights and dieting, it’s hard to do. So just a little bit, nothing extreme. 

We’ve all been enjoying the scenes between Tyler and Jeremy, and now, with Caroline covering for Tyler, it seems there could be a bond forming there. Should we expect them to develop an unlikely friendship?
I think that they will. You have two people who have a secret. Maybe she’ll, in the future, tell him her secret. Why does Caroline feel the need to want to help out Tyler? ‘Cause Tyler doesn’t really have anybody. He was just fighting there with Matt, and Jeremy seems to be having a little situation with Bonnie. It seems like Caroline is opening herself up to him. I would imagine he’d go to her for help or just to talk to somebody.

And Tyler hanging out with Caroline won’t go over well with Matt.
That’s a whole ‘nother thing. I imagine that it’d turn into some kind of trio here, or Matt just saying like, “Hey, you’re gettin’ awfully close to my ex-girlfriend.” That whole dynamic will come into play, I believe.

I keep forgetting that Tyler has no clue about the vampires.
It was funny, the episodes that we have shot already [since "Masquerade"], there’s been a couple lines in a couple scenes where I was like, That’s right. Tyler doesn’t know about vampires in Mystic Falls. He had one run-in with Stefan and Damon in season 1, but then Damon erased his memory. Tyler is still in the dark.

When he finds out about vampires, should we expect him to have Mason’s mentality — let’s not make this our battle — or will he have the natural werewolf aggression toward vampires?
I honestly don’t know. I don’t think he’d want any problems with the vampires. He’d just want there to be peace.

As an actor, would you like to rumble with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley?
It would be fun. But you don’t want to get on Damon’s bad side as a character ’cause then, who knows what’s gonna happen to you. [Laughs] So I’d rather not. I don’t even want to test it. As a fan of the show, it’d be nice to see. But I’d rather not. [Laughs]

It’d be fun for Tyler to trade barbs with Damon.
Absolutely. That would be great. I know there’d be some great chemistry, but let’s just not piss off Damon.


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