October 31st, 2010


here's the post for the affiliates, so if you want to be one, comment here, and if you want to make promotion, you MUST comment here and ask the mods the permission first, if not, your post will be deleted, thankx!

!Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
You may have noticed but if not: Hello my name is Steph and I'm a new mod/maintainer here! Thankx to Pauline for welcoming me, I will try to help her, Taylor and the comm as much as I can, and I glad to be a part of this comm. Me and Pauline talked about few things:

1. We wanted to update this community with every Candice/Michael news, cause I noticed that almost every post here were fanfics, so if you're looking for news, videos, pictures etc... Don't worry We will post them too :)
2. I spend all my yesterday day making the profile of the community, you can take a look here, hope you like it as much as I do :)
3. If you have question, complain, concern, or just want to talk to the mods, you're very welcome to do it via Page-A-Mod system.
4. If you want to affiliates with us, check the affiliates post.
5. And the last but the most important! We will make discussion/watch-a-long post every thursday so you guys will be able to squee about your favourite couple Tyler and Caroline!

Oh and I'm working for a moodtheme, specialy for the community about caroline and Tyler, so it should be up soon.
I think I said all,
Have a good day!


Lydia Flower

Closets and Capes-1/1

***So, this isn’t exactly new. I wrote this for tvd_las awhile back and remembered it now, so I’m posting it along with my other Forwood stuff, in honour of the day. Enjoy****

Title: Closets and Capes
Author: Eena
Rating: 13
Characters: Caroline/Tyler
Disclaimer: Don’t own TVD
Summary: Missing scene from 1.07 “Haunted”-where had Caroline gotten off to?

Collapse )