November 24th, 2010

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[btvs] buffy summers

LA Times: Caroline 'recognizes that Tyler needs a Stefan,' - Candice Accola

We've seen Caroline and Tyler grow closer together as a result of these huge changes in their lives. What role does Caroline play in Tyler's upcoming transformation?
Caroline continues her role of being supportive. Caroline, by nature, is a fix-it person and a bit of a control freak. She recognizes that when she transformed, she was alone. She didn't have anyone else. Stefan came in later on. She recognizes that Tyler needs a Stefan. [Laughs] Paying it forward is the way I see it, in an odd way.

There are hints that Tyler and Caroline's friendship is something more. Are we going to see them develop a romance?
A lot of great romances can grow from friendship. Of course, there's definitely a possibility of that. Whether or not that's going to happen, I don't know. We're not that much farther ahead of the audience. So I really don't know. I know that ... Caroline's the only one that knows what Tyler's been going through, so that friendship isn't just going to go away. There's something there. Whether that turns into a romantic relationship or whether it turns into a really beautiful support system for one another, who knows. The fans will just have to stay tuned and watch.

Romance or friendship-wise, do you think they're doomed in a way since vampires and werewolves are historically enemies?
It's definitely got a Romeo and Juliet quality to it, the idea of them becoming romantic. Who knows? That didn't end very well with Romeo and Juliet. [Laughs] Hopefully, it wouldn't be that same result for Caroline and Tyler. I don't know. Really, right now, the most prominent thing going on between both of them is finding a safe place for Tyler to transform. It's really about his transformation right now. It's not about anything else, which I think is such a wonderful thing because, for Caroline, any involvement with a member of the opposite sex was immediately sexual throughout the first season. It was immediately like crush-worthy. It wasn't just like a friendship. I think it's just a lovely way of showing that she as a character has grown within the second season. It's more than just about a boy I immediately have to have a crush on. It's a friendship. It's something a little bit more substantial.

Matt's (Zach Roerig) ex-girlfriend and best friend are growing closer together. Is he going to have a reaction to this?
I'm sure. I'm sure he's going to have a reaction. Yeah, definitely. How could he not? It'll be interesting to see the result of his reaction.

Caroline's in this strange position where she's in the middle of these two close friends. Is she going to be struggling with that?
Yes. You will see Caroline struggle with this new triangle that's started to slowly form.

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