December 9th, 2010

[btvs] buffy summers

The Futon Critic's talks to Michael and Candice *minor spoilers*

JH: I’m talking to Candice next so will get her side of what is to come with Tyler and Caroline.

MT: I want you to ask Candice a question. Say something like ‘I talked to Michael the other day and when you work together on-set, what is energized?’ I want to know what she says. Ask her ‘What is energized?’ It’s a little something we do and I want to hear her reaction! She might not even tell you but ask her!

Jim Halterman: (serious tone) When you’re working with Michael, what is energized?

Candice Accola: [laughs] We energize. We got it from the Star Trek remake. Whenever they’re getting ready to disintegrate [or teleport] they say ‘Energize!’ Whenever we’re in the mood to get a laugh or something we’ll both just give each other a little nod and go ‘Energize!’

Read both interviews here and here.
[btvs] buffy summers

EW talks to Candice *SPOILERS for 211 and beyond*

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Watching Tyler and Caroline watch his uncle Mason’s video of his own first transformation was brutal last week. What was that like to film?
CANDICE ACCOLA: We didn’t watch the video, that was all filled in during post-[production]. So, yes, that made it very interesting. We were just staring at a blank screen. Trevino actually went in the day before and watched Taylor [Kinney] shoot the beginning of his transformation. In this week’s episode, Tyler goes through the transformation, and you will see everything. As an actor, and as a person, Trevino was put in a very vulnerable place. He’s not wearing a lot of clothes and he’s going through pain. It’s a very, very long process. The viewers just got a taste of it watching Uncle Mason transform. And Caroline’s focus this entire episode is to help Tyler get through the transformation alive, and help him so he’s not alone and so he doesn’t hurt anyone.

Read the rest here. There are spoilers! You have been warned.