December 11th, 2010

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fic: Said Show Me Around (NC17)

Said Show Me Around
Author: stainofmylove
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~2940
Pairing/Characters: Caroline/Tyler
Summary: He just wants to be close to her. That’s the only way he can put it. Post 2x11.
Warnings: tiny, tiny bit of bloodplay
A/N: For story purposes I'm handwaving away the thought that "The Masquerade" happened in Tyler's actual house/wing/whatever. Meaning, Caroline has yet to be invited into the place where he sleeps. Now, go! For austen. Happy holidays!

( Runs into her in the hallway at school and feels very suddenly like he’s ten and she’s Alisha Salinger and he’s not sure what he wants to do with her but he sure as hell wants to do something. )