December 13th, 2010

I love my fandom (deal with it)

a question for Candice

Fanbolt made a visit to the TVD set, and asked Candice about... surprise! (not really)


Next, I sat down with Candice. I hate to pick favorites, but Candice was the most down-to-earth female I talked to from set (They were all super sweet though!). First topic of conversation was the fan question that was sent in the most. What's going on with the love triangle with Caroline, Tyler, and Matt?

"That's what makes that kind of circumstance really exciting is that you really don't know what's going to happen. I don't know either. We're only a couple episodes ahead at this point." Candice revealed, "But if you really look at the relationships. Matt is Caroline's first love, but there are just certain things they can't relate on anymore. She's gone through a really traumatic experience in her life, and even though her and Tyler aren't alike in anyway - that traumatic experience really created an unbreakable bond between them."

She also mentioned she had started a book club on set for the gals. The next book on their list? Lolita

source (there might be spoilers)

Nothing new, really... but I love what she says about the Tyler/Caroline bond. I'll never get tired of reading things like this :D